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Integrating Security, Fire and Life Safety Systems ...

Our core business speciality is to provide consultation in the design, implementation and integration of turnkey security and life safety systems, we have evolved into a multi-faceted security business, best-known for our high quality products, workmanship and innovation, with in excess 30+years of knowledge and experience... We will provide a security design and solution for any requirement regardless of complexity.
There is no limitation on what we can do for you!


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Fire Alarm & Detection

Fire is one of the most serious dangers that a business can face.
25% of businesses affected by serious fire never recover


For more than 20 years Retrospective has been providing our customers with quality products and exceptional service. Our commitment begins with sales and service of Fire & Life Safety systems
We provide designs, installation, programming and training of automatic detection and alarm systems to protect a wide variety of standard and special hazards.
All system designs and installations are done within the SANS 10139:2007 [South African National Standards] regulations this is a recognised standard of compliance.

Fire alarm systems range from small, conventional systems to large computer based intelligent, networked systems. Retrospective can provide the risk analysis, design and installation of systems best suited to provide a reliable, SANS 10139:2007 compliant and cost effective solution. Retrospective also can provide and install phased notification warning/evacuation systems for commercial, industrial, governmental, educational and military facilities.

Conventional Fire alarm systems
Addressable Fire alarm systems
Standard smoke and heat detection systems
Aspirating smoke detection systems

OSID Fire Beams
Flame detection systems
Flammable gas leak detection
Voice evacuation systems
Emergency Lighting
Maintenance agreements

Bosch Fire
VESDA | Xtralis


CCTV Systems
Approved Channel Partner and Integrator of 3xlogic, Axis, Bosch, Genetec, Avigilon, Hikvision, Dahua, Cathexis,FLIR Systems, Arecont Vision, AXIS, Milestone

Access and Alarm Control Systems
Partner Approved and Integrator of Paxton, Impro, GSC, DSC, Sagem, HID, Softcon, Caddx, Zteco, and Paradox Systems

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Partner Approved and Integrator and Certified for GST, Ziton, Aritech,Kidde Technoswitch, Bosch, Inergen, CO2 and FM 200 Systems, FST

Public Address and Evacuation Systems

Partner Approved and Integrator of TOA, Bosch Systems and Jacques Technologies

Integrated Security Management Software
Partner Approved and Integrator of Bosch BIS & BVMS, Milestone Software Technology, Jacques Technologies, Nemtek, Paxton and many more custom Aplications



ImageCCTV | Surveillance Technologies
CCTV security systems are considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime

We provide CCTV camera solutions to fit all applications both internally and externally from the home, small corner cafe, factories, estates, office blocks, a hospital, public spaces. Our CCTV systems can be intelligently integrated in to others security systems including security lighting, access control, intruder and fire alarms.

We offer a range of products and services. We also undertake custom, high end and specialized projects offering innovative solutions from High Definition (HD) video systems to remote access, Wireless intergrations, mobile surveillance and ' IP surveillance' systems.

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Professional (Box or CS-Mount)
  • Domes
  • Speed Domes (PTZ)
  • IP Cameras & IP Video Servers
  • HD and Megapixel IP Cameras
  • IP Video Servers
  • Recorders
  • DVR "Digital Video Recorders
  • PC based Digital Video Recorders
  • IP Video Management Systems
  • Wireless Surveillance cameras
  • Urban Surveillance
  • Remote Surveillance via cell phone






    We offer a complete package solution of surveillance products to cater for your needs please contact us for a quote and further details


ImageWaterless Fire Suppression Systems
Waterless fire suppressant is a clean gaseous agent that is activated automatically in the event of a fire, the gas floods the area exstinguishing the Fire; the gas doesn't leave any oily residues, particulates, water or corrosive material. This virtually eliminates damage to high-tech equipment, archives, paper, Artwork, mission critical installations and other delicate and sensitive objects

CO2 systems are ideal for unmanned applications such as electrical installations, transformer rooms, generators and switchgear.



FM-200 waterless fire suppressant is a clean agent and can be used in manned environments like serve rooms

Argonite is an inert gas blend of argon and nitrogen, which occur naturally in the environment.

Room Integrity Testing

ImageEnclosures protected by gaseous fire suppression systems should tested for air-tightness upon commissioning of the system and annually thereafter. .

Our commitment to use state of the art testing equipment assures you will receive the most accurate information available. A fan test performed by us gives you the peace of mind of knowing the fire suppression system will hold the concentration of agent as designed.

This is critical to ensure that the system will work effectively when activated; too much air-leakage will result in the concentration of the fire suppressant agent falling too quickly

please contact us for a quote and further details


AXIS Communications, BOSCH Fire and Security, Inergen, ZITON Fire
Softcon, Milestone, EST, IMPRO Systems
AxxonNext Surveillance, HIKVISION, Dahua Technologies

Verdi Biometrics, RBH Access Control, Gallagher Electric Fencing

avigilon, 3xLogic, Aritech

ievo Biometrics, bpt, Paxton, Sagem Biometrics

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Image Access Control Systems
Organisations are recognising the benefits of replacing keys, with electronic access control Security systems. Besides, the benefits in lower operating cost & there is ease of administration and a fully integrated identity management solution

By combining access control systems with physical barriers, Turnstiles, traffic booms, barriers and many other security devices, we can supply the complete solution to your site’s needs.

We able to offer installation of a totally integrated solution and innovative product range which can be integrated on a single powerful network using many formats and protocols, even providing video and voice records

>Keypad Entry Systems.

>Proximity cards and readers

>Smart Card | MIFARE

>Biometric | Fingerprint & Hand Geometry Readers

      • Electro-mechanical locks
      • Magnetic Door Locks
      • Hydraulic Door Closer's
      • Turnstiles
      • Gate Automation
      • Traffic Booms and Barriers
      • Mantraps
      • Cashless Vending solutions
      • Time & Attendan



      We offer a full spectrum of access control products to suit your needs.........
      please contact us for further details

Products | Technologies:

ImageElectric Fencing
Electric security fencing is still one of the most effective forms of physical security, combining a strong deterring influence with the ability to monitor fence line activity twenty-four hours a day

The technology works quite simply by monitoring the voltage applied to a wire grid consisting of alternate live/live & live and earth wires. If an intruder cuts the wiring, tampers with or tries to climbs the fence an alarm will activate.

All electric security fencing in South Africa is Non-lethal, international standards have been developed to guide manufacturers of electric fence equipment this ensure compliance with these safety basics.
However although electrical fencing is Non-lethal, it can cause harm if not correctly installed.

There are generally two types of electric security fencing configurations.
Fence/Wall top
This type of installation involves brackets, with insulates attached, that are fixed to the top of an existing wall or fencing structure, these brackets are range from three and can exceed twelve strands of electric fencing

please contact us for further details

ImagePet Containment
Our Pet Containment systems are designed to give you peace of mind whilst letting your pets enjoy the full extent of your garden/estate.

  • It removes the worry caused by straying, potential road accidents, chasing livestock or bothering neighbours.
  • The system causes no harm to your pets and is effective for any number of animals.
  • You can also create a 'pet free zone' around specific dangerous areas such as driveways, gardens and ponds and even specific rooms in the house
  • The Electric Fence Company will offer you a complete range of electric fencing for all situations from small plots and gardens to large acreage fields.
  • With both permanent and temporary systems available and our expert advice we can design the correct fencing system for your needs.
  • All installation are done within strict accordance with the SABS standards and the current
    SANS 10222-3 regulations, and all workmanship is issued with a certificate of compliance

    All workmanship is guaranteed for twenty four months.

Our references are testament to our superior service and excellent quality.

please contact us for further details